Branding is what people say about you
when you are not in the room

Will is devoted to delivering Battle Budz brand promise. We help you cut through the digital noise to bring you comprehensive full-service marketing and consulting to help your business venture succeed.

Consulting Grows &

We consult dispensaries and grows within a variety of areas. We help them achieve whatever goals they have in mind. Whether it is expanding their operations, tackling a nutrient issue, or reorganizing their products for marketing distribution; we here at Battle Budz can help!

Staff Training

At Battle Budz, we understand teamwork more than the average person being veterans. We realize training is the key to success and your staff is only as good as they train. With just a few key components in place, your company can make more of an improvement than you thought possible. Battle Budz is more than willing to help!

Metrc Training

In September of 2020, Oklahoma and the OMMA agreed to a contract with metrc which will be enforced starting February 2021. This program is utilized in 16 states already, with the anticipation of more states being added rapidly. Here at Battle Budz, we proud ourselves by doing everything by regulations and high standards. We understand accountability is a must but it’s critical working in this type of industry. We have experience in metrc and very soon hoped to be able to provide any services related to metrc, you might have. Coming soon…

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