Are you interested in starting
a grow farm or working in
the cannabis industry but
don’t know where to start?

You aren’t alone!

Each year across our country new states legalize cannabis and new growers arise in hopes of being successful. Over 80% of new cannabis farms close their doors the first year. They learn it’s much more complex than “just growing” and laws surrounding the industry vary by state. There are people in the industry who might not want you to succeed but here at Battle Budz, as proud veterans, we believe in the American dream! We will help guide you through the process and teach you step by step, using our proven grow methods and experience.

If you want to become a “Battle Budz” location we are offering opportunities in Oklahoma currently, with other states soon on the horizon. If you are a veteran or have a veteran business partner, we offer discounts on the packages. We already have a large customer base lined up for distribution and plan to keep growing!  So, if you want to be part of a team that won’t let you down contact Battle Budz today!

For more information, please feel
free to reach out to us.