Who is Battle Budz

Battle Budz is a veteran-owned and operated company formed by Will Thomas and his battle buddy. They became lifelong friends while serving in the 101st Airborne Division 2/327th Infantry Regiment HHC Company SCOUT Platoon. In 2003, the entire 101st Airborne Division was deployed to Iraq, Will was no exception. While in Iraq, life events unfolded that formed their brotherhood even closer. As lifelong friends or real “Battle Budz”, they formed Battle Budz in 2020.  They are both Christians, love cannabis, and love all animals.

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Why We're Better

Battle Budz uses an All-Natural ONLY method, with NO artificial nutrients; NEVER. This means it is soil-grown and sun-grown, using a no-till soil method. The plants are watered with rainwater ONLY while using a rain specific system designed by Battle Budz. We grow from top-rated seeds supplied by a licensed company out of Colorado, which has been in High Times Magazine. At Battle Budz, we clone only the best of our strains. Battle Budz methods combined with a specialized compost “Battle Budz” mix, gives their cannabis very unique terpene profiles, that are hard to find and frequently sought after by cannabis connoisseurs. Here at Battle Budz, we pride ourselves as being “Veteran Owned, Veteran Grown & Veteran Stoned” Come experience the old school flavor and high you’ve been looking for with Battle Budz cannabis!

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